Anyone Can Be a Victim of a Scam

Connecting Women of Africa with a Global Network

Thanks to technology our local villages have expanded into global ones. Connecting and empowering women globally builds stronger communities, economies, families and improves the lives of many women and men around the globe. We need to explore roles women can play in creating gender equality in the workplace, health and safety, education, enterprise development and advocacy in general.

Women Empowerment

From the moment girls are born the rhetoric is that they would become nurturers and homemakers and that they can cry and hurt and boys should man up. This line of thinking is being challenged as boys need to know that crying is ok and girls need to know that careers in STEM need not be male dominated. For these changes to occur we need to have more conversations that empower and enlighten our paths.

Building Families and Future Generations

As parents we need to pass on more than just good business sense to our children. We need to ensure that our children not only have skills to pass on to the next generation but also have skills to cope with life as we experience it now. We need the skills to cope with death, divorce, separation, bullying, family arguments, abuse, adoption and dealing with disabilities etc.

Family and Parenting

Family life forms the very fabric of society and therefore the topic of Family and Parenting is relevant to everyone. Whilst each of our challenges may be unique it is always reassuring to know that we are not alone. Exploring common problems and solutions and practical tips to navigate life helps us cope better with our challenges and makes us feel less alone.