Tips to avoid getting scammed

Tips to avoid getting scammed

To keep users safe from scammers B Live Media advocates for Responsible Social Media. Unfortunately scammers can and do send endless friend requests on Facebook daily. This is orchestrated by syndicates with the sole intention of tricking unsuspecting users. Behind the charming looking stolen identity images lurk worldwide networks of scammers. They use mind manipulation to trick users into thinking they have a relationship with a stolen image.

It has nothing to do with intelligence or education of a victim. It speaks to the intelligence of the scam networks that operate 24/7 with the sole purpose to manipulate victims into parting with their money. Until social media platforms are able to create a safer environment we must develop a culture of not accepting friend requests from people we don't personally know!

What to look out for:
With regards to the ever popular (and very successful) romance scam cyber crime, be aware that anyone who really loves you will make sacrifices and go without. They will not ask you for money or goods to be mailed.

Know how the military operates. No soldier or US Marine is ever left stuck to get home from Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. The military takes care of its own. So if any "soldier" needs “saving” of any kind, you are being scammed.

  • If your "friend" you haven’t personally met has a medical emergency of any kind ...
  • or if they are on an oil rig and will lose the contract because they need money for a part ...
  • or their workers are stuck and they're waiting for a payout of millions, you are being scammed.

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the scam syndicates. They are experts at mind manipulation. Trust your gut, ask a family member or trusted real life friend to read your messages if you are unsure. Then trust their judgment because they know you in real life. Anything that involves millions that is waiting to be released but needs you to first send money is a scam.

Until Social Media platforms can shut the doors on using its platforms to operate scams, educate yourself on how not to get tricked by cyber crime.

Lastly, anyone you don’t personally know that ...

  • asks you to move chats from social media to WhatsApp
  • or sms messaging because it is more convenient
  • and showers you with extraordinary flattery

... is a scammer.

Stay safe online!